Yet Another Drupal Mentioning

Twitter Tip: Twist. Spot twitter trends

At the twist site you can compare different words and see how often per day they are mentioned on twitter, a bit like Google's trends.

It is funny to see that the audience of Twitter is a rather niche one, look for example at Drupal vs Joomla on twist. Drupal is always mentioned a lot more. Now take a look at Drupal vs Joomla "in the real world" on Google Trend; Joomla outranks Drupal at least 5 times.

Conclusion: Twitter peopel are more intelligent. :-)

Swim in style... sort of

(High heels High Tide, via irmavermaat)

Door de brievenbus behangen

[over grote problemen die we hadden met image handeling, PHP en Drupal zonder shell toegang tot de server]
Server en DB instellingen wijzigen vanuit de PHP filter. Door de brievenbus behangen zeg maar. Deze methode (php filter aan en pages previewen) bracht met op een nieuw woord: de gynaecohaxor.

— Ber Kessels

Calling All Graphic Designers for

If you care about Open Source and MythTV and not a bit about User Interfaces, this is your call. Participate in making better by creating a new UI:

We are currently looking for artists to work on a redesign of You don't need to know anything about HTML/CSS, just have a good eye for UI design.
Too bad they dont use a "real CMS".

Do-it-all CMS Drupal

There have been some nay-sayers that note that Drupal is a framework, and as such doesn't lend itself to highly customised sites. I'd say that this is true to a degree – Drupal will not work for every web site in the world. But it will fit many a need quite comfortably. Certainly the next time I need a web site up quickly and easily, and the requirements of the site are not too specific, I'll use Drupal.

Read the full artcle.

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