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Drupal, a top 10 "cool Open Source product of 2009"

Drupal, a top 10 "coolest Open Source Application"

A someone who has been "active" in the Drupal community for over 8 years, it is shocking to see that only in the last 3 years Drupal was really picked up by the mainstream press. This is not due to the quality of the code of Drupal of the community, as much as it has to do with building momentum and a shake out in the CMS landscape. So this story about Drupal being in the "Top 10 coolest Open Source products" (yes, it is that time of the year again) comes as no surprise to anyone how knows the code or the community.

The real power of Drupal however is that 5 (!) other Open Source projectsof the top 10 products use Drupal as a platform to deliver their tools, empower their community. That is the real power of Drupal. 6 (including Drupal self) of the top 10 Open Source tools according to use Drupal:

  1. Ledger SMB (a fork of SQL ledger)
  2. DoJo (they hacked Drupal core to get the DoJo in and JQuery out :-) )
  3. Ubuntu (Linux for humans, with their famous bug 1)
  4. Firefox, the best browser chrome :-) )
  5., word!

Drupal power. "We, the Drupal community" are proud :-)

Community website of Dutch union of journalists / NVJ using Drupal

A couple of weeks ago the Dutch Association of Journalists NVJ (125 years old) launched a "community" portal based on Drupal. While it was a soft launch, already 999 users have signed up, showing that the need for a place in this niche.

Registered users can blog, ask questions and provide answers, microblog / twitter messages in the site, be active in forums, create and read wikipages, build a portfolio, be-friend people to network, start or join (organic) groups and search for jobs. Employers can post job openings as well.

Lots of content types / functionality usually leading to bad user experience; where do I do what? However, the site is rather popular and gets lots of hits and people do find what they are looking for in the site.

It was build by my employer using core Drupal, many contrib modules as well as half a dozen own modules. The Crowds did the concept and Xlab the design and User Interface.

It is my opinion that sites like these show Drupal at it's best, a community site where people help each other.

Marketplace Eclipse using Drupal

Marketplace of Eclipse using Drupal

I still find it shocking to see that there are many many "developers" (especially in the proprietary cms landscape) that use notepad as a IDE and backup tapes as version control. While there are so many tools you /need/ available for free under an open source license. I dont think I ever came accross a question in an RFP about this, but if you ever outtask/source a project, one of your first questions should be what procedures and tooling developers use for doing their job. If the answer is notepad++ you should stay away from that company, no matter how cool the flash design looks.

One of the tools developers need, can be Eclipse, an open source IDE. And now, Eclipse launched a new marketplace site, And yes, it runs Drupal!


While some of the features of the Marketplace are familiar from its predecessor, there are also many new aspects. For instance, users can now compile custom lists of favourites to keep informed about their chosen plug-ins. Furthermore, lists containing users' most popular plug-ins can now be shared. The search feature, which is now based on Apache Solr, has also been given a major overhaul.

A cool thing is that you can log in with your bugzilla account. Please provide feedback on Ian's blog. turning blue


"Chocolate City"
Uh, what's happening CC?
They still call it the White House
But that's a temporary condition, too.
Can you dig it, CC?

(Chocolate City lyrics by Parliament, 1975 -pfunk at its best).

It turns out that CC became brown then blue. switched to Drupal. Anyone up for a photoshopped-mashup between Drulicon and the whitehouse? :-)

For the real deal, checkout Dries' site, that I found via

HP Linux portal on Drupal

Not a great design (to put it mildly), but a great new name, HP Linux Community Portal on Drupal.


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