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Adobe's Flex site using Drupal

Today at the second day of the DrupalCon Adobe launched a new site as a showcase for their Flex technology. They use their own technology for the frontend (flash, flex etc) but the backend is powered by... Drupal! See for yourself, at the showcase site of Flex.

YADS, and the use of tagging "drupalsite" on delicious.

Via I found a new Drupal;

"A site like the Study in Montreal portal containing literally thousands of hyperlinks cried out for a tool enabling a small team of users to manage it efficiently," declared Joseph Blauer, Vice-President of Technology at TP1. Drupal, the chosen tool, is an open source web content management system published under the GNU Public License. Its content management capability along with its modular architecture, place Drupal among the most multi-faceted and flexible web content management systems currently available. For Study in Montreal, it clearly demonstrated its superiority for the creation of one of a new generation of collaborative websites.

Nice design (to my likeling at least) and indeed a clear Drupal site, Search for Smurf.

As more people do, I tagged it "drupalsite" at

Drupal Sucks... (or in Soviet Russia Content Manages You)

I like TWIT and follow lots of their podcasts. Amongst others, I follow MacBreakWeakly. They are known to start making ratholes. In their latest podcats 55, they end up on a debate about if Open Source projects are innovative. It is an old discussion and both side (yes, no) have their points. If you look at it from the lower OSI levels and the commodity stuff, they might be right in a way. Linux for example is invisible for users, GNU/Linux might be visible for sysadmins and KDE for users. But Linux is invisible. Innovations in the kernel are regarded by most people as efficiency, not as innovation. A new cool filesystem? Means nothing for the average user. Faster? Smaller? Cleaner? Efficiency, not innovation…

And if you look at –no matter how great the product is- it is lagging behind their mean competitor; the Microsoft Office suite. Sure, it is better at I18N and obtaining standards and good enough for most people. But it isn’t regarded as innovative by most people. So there is a case for people saying that Open Source software is not innovative. Note, these people are not debating that open source licenses are innovative, or that the open source way of running projects are innovative. "Just" that the software –the product- is not innovative.

On the other end of the spectrum are people saying that true innovation can only be reached by openness, peering, sharing, and acting globally; Wikinomics or the “open source way” of project management. These people look at Mozilla (Firefox) and how Microsoft is struggling to follow up and is playing that game rather bad. Or they look at KDE and Gnome that are way better UI’s then Vista and for sure then XP.

My stand? Open Source Software is software. Some software is highly visible – a browser, a GUI- some software is only enabling other software, a kernel, memory allocation or a filesystem. Innovations are everywhere; some are visible for the enduser, some for the programmer, some not at all. If you only label “innovation” that what you can see, then you innovation is as big as you … well have vision. And most people have a very limited sight; they might look at the eycandy stuff (yes, that would include me) or at the API’s but seldom see the complete 360.

Now how is this relevant to Drupal? Well, Drupal is both a Content management System that users can work with and it highly visible for them as it is a Content Management “Framework”, only visible for programmers. So innovation that we – the Drupal Community- make will be regarded by some as visible and by some as invisible. Views for examples is way ahead of its time, SQL statements via an easy GUI. If you are a programmer of a website builder, you will love this kind of innovation. Now if you are a webmaster or use rof that same site, you will not see this and hence not label it as innovation. Point is: Drupal is for the user and for the programmer. Innovations in Drupal are for everybody, it is just that not that many people will see it and hence label it as innovation

No back to Mac Break Weakly. In the podcast 55 around 30 minutes after the start, Leo Laporte, Merlin Mann, Scott Bourne, and Andy Ihnatko start a rant about innovation and Open Source. For Apple lovers a normal discussion. Mac OSX is based upon a BSD kernel ("not innovative") and has a proprietary good GUI. The basics is on Open Sourced, the value is brought by proprietary software. Or so the arguments starts.

Then the move to Drupal. Here is a transcript of the rant (snipped some stuff):

Andy: ”The last thing I want is that any software or technology is under control of the Open Source Software community…
Leo: ”What?!”
..”because they are really really bad creating end user applications.
Merlin: … that was a lot more true 5 years ago. Are you actually using recently stuff? Cause lots of stuff has come a really long way.
Andy: I got the latest Ubuntu… I got the latest Open Office. And I still don’t have a working Wifi on that notebook. And I still think Open Office is where Mickrosoft Office was 4 years ago. All the really cool stuff. All the really innovative stuff, is created by companies like Apple. Open Source is great at standard building and it is great for creating alternatives for people. [...OpenMoko vs iPhone rant…] I don’t think that Open Source developers understand the need of end users who just want a solution.
Merlin: … that can be very true. It can be hard to use. And right now, I am doing a lot of work with Drupal… this is an Open Source application
Andy: Don’t talk about Drupal, IT SUCKS!
Leo: Laughs very loud.

Then it goes on and one. Now before you bash Andy, listen to him and think about his points from his point of view. I think Drupal –the community, the project and the product- is one of the most innovative software projects. But a user is always right. Always. And if a potential user thinks the product sucks, we need to make it better. Not change his mind, change the product and let him change his mind. by the itself is a Drupal site build by our friends over at lullabot.

Wordsy, they love books and Drupal

Wordsy | We love books. We love words. We are wordsy. A nice site in English about well... books and words. A brown design, about books and made with the Drupal CMS. And Dutch based as well.

Another brown site, in The Netherlands, about writers, made with Drupal is, although that site is written in Dutch.

After a long long time, it is good to see that in the Netherlands the use of Drupal is increasing.

MediaMe using Drupal

Over at the legandary quote:

Developed on a Drupal open source platform, mediaME is 'Web 2.0 ready', enabling users to upload 'rich' information, share and interact.

And indeed uses Drupal. Despite the TwoDotOoooh mentioning, good to see that Drupal is used more and more in the tail outside the standard places (OSS projects, newspapers and big corporations). "MediaMe is a community for media, advertising and marketing professionals in the Middle East region."

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