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Sponser OSU, Rackathon

OSUOSL is hosting the biggest and best OpenSource Software projects. and they are doing a very very good job (despite a recent power outage which should /never/ happen in any datacentre)

Projects they host include Apache, Debian, Gentoo, Gnome, the A server of and PHP. And -yes- they do host, home of Drupal as well (And apart from all these cool projects, they also host KDE :-) )

Hosting costs money, lots of it. Bandwith (10 euro's per Mb per month), energy (40 euro's per server per month) and most of all, cost for the staff maintaining the boxes and routers.

So they need you help!

Rackathon 2006 | OSU Open Source Lab
We are looking for individuals to help sponsor the OSL in our new fundraising campaign. However, this is a campaign like no other. When you make a donation to the OSL, we will stick your name on one of our racks as our own way of saying "Thanks!".

So, how about it? Donate some money to them to get your name on the rack hosting the kernel sources? Rasmus' project? Or... or even, having your name on the racks housing the Drupal servers!

BTW: does anybody knows when switched to Drupal?
BTW2: a non (air) blocking door is better for air circulation /cooling / the environment, so write your name as small as possible.


BlogHer, "Where the women bloggers are", has been a succesful conference, from what I read. And a Drupalsite I follow for some time since it linked me.

But do we really need this kind of proof that the attendees where really female?

Rhetoric people! Rhetoric!

The IE7 Myth according to Steven

Steven, the maker of the current theme at knows XHTML/CSS (and a dozen of other things). He also knows the browserhacks needed to make lame browsers act as they should. (Yes kids, you should know your IE browser sucks when it comes to standards and is causing the stall of webdevelopent, do yourself AND microsoft a favour by using a Mozilla browser!)

At his blog, Steven writes about a mail we got half a year or so ago on the mailinglists of from Microsoft:

The IE7 Myth

A while ago, we got contacted at by the Internet Explorer 7 compatibility team about layout issues in IE7 on our site. The e-mail was intended to help web developers prepare for IE7 by pointing out problems.

Read the article and if you like it, digg it here.

Bright Unsubscribe

The Dutch techno/culture zine/site has a Dutch article on how (if at all) you can unsubscribe from "new web 2.0 sites" at Unsubscribe 2.0

Al die nieuwe webdiensten zijn heel tof. Maar hoe kom je er weer vanaf?! Maarten zocht het uit.

(translates roughly to, "All the new webservices are great. But how do you get rid of them? Maarten takes a look".)

And then Maarten talks about Google,, delicious and other sites where you can make and delete an identity.

But how about self? It is running Drupal and hence you can make an account on but you CANT delete the account yourself! Unsubscribe 0.0. It's the oldest open feature request on

Copycamp two dot ooo

CopyCamp, An unconference for artists about the Internet and the challenge to copyright

CopyCamp is a place to meet people making art and making waves, an opportunity to discover how the Internet can work for artists and fans, and a chance to debate the value(s) of copyright with some of the key players. It is an event in which participants drive the programming, and debates are genuine round-tables.

Now I like x-camps and all, but can we please stop with this very very standard web two dot ooo design? (btw: a Drupal site)

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