drupal review

is simply one of the best CMS-es around. period. point taken bas? see //atbcp.com. on a sitenode, there seems to be a bug in a (for me unknown) language //nphp and they even recommend drupal.

Drupal v.s. MovableType - Round II

I don't think we ever finished this discussion, and I'm not sure we ever will. But these arguments might put some more wood on our cosy little fireplace called Willy. Three small quotations:

"Systems that de-emphasize complexity on the server side
are driving a lot of the growth we're seeing."
"The future is systems like MovableType and Radio that generate static HTML"
"I think [...] most people will use hosted systems."

So I say: Typepad, anyone? Wanna give it a go for a month, Bee? (And let the RSS fill up Willy, during this month. ;-) )

Blog software

Drupal vs Moveable Type, head to head

Here we will compare software that enables one to maintaine a "blog". Without going into an accademic discusion what a blog/portal/cms is and can do, we will compare head to head two popular "blog" engines; drupal and moveable type.

We tried to make this comparison unbiased and since this book is written by both a drupal adept and a moveable type adept we think we succeded.

InstallEasyHard, some CLI interactions needed
OSWindows, *nix, Linux, BSD and others
WebserverApache and IIS
DatabaseMysql, Postgres, Sequal and others
additionalSome PHP settings required
LicenseGPLNon free, both private and commercial license


In light of my current being the "least popular poster" on Willy, I would like to add the following statement:

I hate Drupal.

Ok, 'hate' is perhaps a bit strong. But I really do prefer MovableType, which I've been using for some time now.

But in the end, I think I would agree with 'Good Old' Dave Winer: Weblog software is going to be like mail servers.

Or mail clients or browsers, or even OS'es for that matter. It's all a question of personal taste to me. (And some folks just have more taste than others. ;-) )

BTW, Bee: I've finally been WiFied too. Care to do a wardrive-by, and maybe have a beer?

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