i lurk around irc://irc.freenode.net (/join #drupal). nice to "see" the people i "know" from the drupal community.

css changes

i made some changes to the stylesheets under willy.

  1. node tittles have a smaller font, a background and a dotted box
  2. all headers are a bit smaller
  3. links are nolonger underlined as you might have seen making the page less crowded. hope you like them.
  4. the mouse over a link that as a desciption now is transparant and
  5. the items to the left and right sidebar will have a black block next to them.

i hope you like it, i'm just playing around with the -for me- new world of stylesheets.

on related news, checkout a new dynamic stylesheet changer on //kika.trip.ee ans select another stylesheet, dynamically altered in the browser (upper right). will see if i will do something with it on willy.

drupal for president

ranting on 'bout drupal (bas are you listening) quess what the next president of the usa is running? see //deanspace.org, old news, but still. see //drupal as well; they are even releasing their own code under the //GPL, though they dont use the //CVS of drupal. it even made //slashdot a long time ago. i'll vote for him, if i had the right to vote in the usoa.

on a site note, less is more. and since "Perfection is reached not when there's nothing to add, but when there's nothing to take away", the drupal develop community decided to get rit of all heavy code and get down to the basics; slim, clean non bloated code. and it works, see //kollm.

drupal review

is simply one of the best CMS-es around. period. point taken bas? see //atbcp.com. on a sitenode, there seems to be a bug in a (for me unknown) language //nphp and they even recommend drupal.

Drupal v.s. MovableType - Round II

I don't think we ever finished this discussion, and I'm not sure we ever will. But these arguments might put some more wood on our cosy little fireplace called Willy. Three small quotations:

"Systems that de-emphasize complexity on the server side
are driving a lot of the growth we're seeing."
"The future is systems like MovableType and Radio that generate static HTML"
"I think [...] most people will use hosted systems."

So I say: Typepad, anyone? Wanna give it a go for a month, Bee? (And let the RSS fill up Willy, during this month. ;-) )

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