drupal background

a nice background pic for your desktop when you are in to //drupal is avail at //acko

drupal /.-ed!

yes, drupal.org is getting /.-ed! //see the story on /.

the content on /. is rather old, but that is not something new. the story on howard dean was posted on drupal on //September 10, 2003 currently there are "There are currently 13 users and 480 guests online" on //drupal

and still standing!


//archive.org has a new service; //recall.archive. so you can search for words and how popular the are/were at some point in time. i like the //drupal page. we are gaining market!

gallery back online

my homei re-installed a gallery server on willy again. this time not the standard gallery server (with an *ugly* security hole!) but one that integrates as a module within //drupal, the engine under willy. for an example see the gallary (including taxonomy!) of //our house, still work in progres...

in other news, the //amazon module has been installed and should be working as well.

what willy lacks is:

XML feed