De en bannerblockers, geen goede combinatie :-)

De nieuwe website van de stentor met bannerblocker links.

Ik weet niet of het express is of niet. Maar de DIV (zeg maar het kadopapier rondom de content) van denieuwe website van de Stentor is zo gekozen, dat banner blockers (links chrome met een default bannerblocker) de content blokken.

Rechts in een default safari zonder bannerblockers. Zie zelf op

Dit is OF heel slim (als je website wilt zien moet je bannerblocker uitzetten / gerconfigureren / site whitelisten) OF heel dom en website bouwer heeft geen bannerblocker :-)

(en ja, ik heb veel tabs open)

DrupalPond, getting more quality Drupal developers in the Netherlands and Belgium

The excellent DrupalDevDays in Brussels -with over 500 developers attending- had a mystery sponsor, DrupalPond.

DrupaPond is an initiative of Krimson and DOP to get more Drupalistas together and give them the knowledge and the tools both companies have and use.

Like in many countries -if not all- the demand for Drupalistas in the low lands is much higher the the supply. While some Drupalshops might think this is a good thing, since they can ask for higher fees, it is actually a bad thing. Any market where supply and demand are only matched by changing the price towards extremes will get in-stable.

In the short term it will lead towards golddiggers, shops and independent consultants who claim to do Drupal as well. Knowing little or nothing about Drual, the code, the license or the community and just use it as a tool and even worse, abuse the tool. Because hacking core is so much user then overriding or using hooks to make a module. Sure, short term a "good" solution but the moment you want to update....

To get more independent Drupal developers together, Krimson and DOP started the Drupalpond for companies seeking talent and for consultants who have outgrown the mom'ndad websites and need a collective to get bigger opportunities. Because we need more Drupalistas, both in quantity and in quality.

Each Drop added -even the smallest one- is filling the pool. Leading to more developers getting more active. And many Drops will create interference, new patterns that are only possible when two or more Drupal developers (Drupalistas) work together. So far many people have shown interest in this new collective and we hope it will add value to the Drupal community. For now our scope is the Netherlands and Belgium but due to higher demand from outside this area, we might consider expanding this to Europe. The patchwork of cultures, languages and habits that Europe is, is not present when it comes to Drupal.

A strong European movement when it comes to open source / Drupal is clearly happening. And while the proprietary software vendors are undergoing a shakeout -every country in EU has a handful of "own" proprietary CMS-es- the competition from these closed source vendors will expand in to "Europe wise" as well, so it is time to join forces The DrupalDevDays is the best example of that!

Note: Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert. DrupalPond is using the term "Drupal" with a license

Drupal data visualisation

Via I found A website funded by Knight with a data visualization toolkit called VIDI.

I love good visualisations of data. And while most of the modules that are available are not that shocking, but the fact that one can use this as SAAS or download the modules and drop them on your own site, gives the power of data visualization to the masses.

Great work and I expect to see a lot more data and presentation of data on the web. Many small eyes for a better vision :-)

ooh, and please put these modules on d.o

Oss closed source

ZuidOoster bus 4601 Oss NS (by Arthur-A)

Opvallend dat juist een gemeente met de naam "Oss" haar website draait op een ouderwets closed source systeem in plaats van op OSS :-)

DrupalJam 6 in Amsterdam

1st Drupaljam 2007 - Hilversum NLFriday March 19 (9:00-18:00 CET) the Dutch Drupal community will organise the 6th "DrupalJam".

A DrupalJam is a place where anyone interested in Drupal can get together to discuss about one of the best Open Source CMS-es out there. A friendly palce where users, coders, business people as well as people interested in web technologies. This time the Jam will be helded at the StayOkay hotel in Amsterdam, Timorplein 21. More information about the StayOkay location can be found on Maps as well. We expect over 200 people (up to 300!) visiting the DrupalJam and we will have attendees form over four countries.


It only seemed like yesterday.. The first DrupalJam I co-organised was in a basement with 50 or so people (top left). Not unlike the second DrupalCon, held in Amsterdam (right).

And now, 6 editions later we have reached the scale of the third DrupalCon in Brussels as can be seen on Dries' site. And this is a global trends. While DrupalCons get bigger and bigger, there is also a trend to localise DrupalCon's that are reaching the same scale as DrupalCon's were only a a few editions ago. And with that the global DrupalCon problems get local as wel, continuity, professionalism en sponsors.

I am proud to say -not meant to toot my own horn- that the organisers of the DrupalJam so far did an excellent job. The very healthy ecoshere around Drupal in the Netherlands made that we have the following premium sponsors; Microsoft, Radio Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Dutch Open Projects, Internet Unlimited, KPN, NCRV, OneShoe and Sogeti. Other sponsors include VLC (gold), Lucius, Acquia, Synetic, Wizzlern (silver) and Merge (bronze). Looking at this list there are at least two key things to note. The first one is a classic one, the distribution is skewed to the left meaning we made the premium sponsorship to cheap.

The second one is more important. The ecoshere around Drupal grew and outgrew the standard Drupal implementers. KPN (fortune 500, telephone, mobile, ADSL, high end webhosting), NCRV (public broadcaster using Drupal a lot), Radio Netherlands Worldwide (public broadcaster using Drupal, see Dries' site) and Microsoft are not the "standard" sponsors of an Open Source project. It shows that the market around Drupal is maturing and that parties that have an indirect stake are willing to invest and give back. And we do thank them for that, as well as thank our other sponsors!

Brecht RockstarDries once told me he wanted to have local DrupalCamps in every city around the world. We are not there yet. But I do think there is a (bi-)yearly DrupalCamp in every free country around the world right now. And when these will become too big, there will be a DrupaCamp in every major city around the world by 2015 for sure.

Drupal is coming home in 2015, your home! But if you can not wait that long, sign up for the DrupalJam in Amsterdam, look the sessions and propose a session (login required). Please do contact me or Bart Feenstra if you have any questions. DrupalJam will rock!

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