apt-get for Sun

Apt-get is just so unreasonably fucking great. Why aren’t we using it for Solaris updates?

Tim Bray

Banner mania

drupalLots of banners at Web Badges / Buttons | ZwahlenDesign. The site is running drupal so some drupal banners as well.

Damm small USB stick

Walk around with a distro. Boot your own Linux in that corporate crappy machine. And get away with it. With Damm Small Linux on a stick your security officer wont catch you (I hope). Andin case you are a security officer, it is a good way of doing forensics.

Dutch Queen Beatrix digs Linux too!

BeatrIX GNU/Linux

BeatrIX GNU/Linux is a LiveCD based off of Knoppix and Ubuntu packages. It is a small, fast desktop environment built for the average Windows user / Linux convert wannabe.

Quess whtat, the Dutch Queen got it's own Linux now! What do you think about that?

Debian Organisation of trust

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