IBM, Open Source and ... Drupal

Two IBM related newsitems today and one can only hope there is a small connection, though that is a rather small chance. The RedHerring has an article on
IBM going beyond Linux. IBM has been a /huge/ sponser of the Linux (kernel) but has -apart from eclipse- not done a lot on other OSS projects. This will change:

IBM plans to make investments—though financial terms were not disclosed—across eight new open-source disciplines. Among the areas it will focus on are client-side middleware, development tools, web application servers, data servers, systems management, open hardware architectures, grid computing, and business and technology services.

And IBM (who is going to switch to Drupal for their development network) releasing part 3 and 4 of their Drupal Howto. One needs an IBM userid for part 3 and 4.

It would be so nice if IBM would give the same support to Drupal as they did to Linux, but that is dreaming.

Redhat, Novell, Xen and the art of motor maintenance

Half the department I work for has a rich history when it comes to using OpenSource; we have nearly 1k hosts running Redhat (Fedora Core, CentOS, Debian). The other half of the company (the boring bearded mainframe people) cought the message later. They are"blue" so they are Novell lusers. "Aaaah, look at this nice YAST interface (with is non scriptable!)" Needless to say, this doesnt make Novell more popular with me, they have been bussy selling and implementing Suse on mainframes for year, and still i is no working. My advice: for community services, go with the mass, for niche market, go with your customer. Linux hosting is a commodity and not that many people have a mainframe at home...

However, I do think Novell is spoton when it comes to Xen and Redhat is missing the point.

Novell CTO defends 'unstable' Xen claims

"If you look at the Xen open source project, we have been the number two contributor during the past 10 months or so to that project. So we've kind of contributed most of the enterprise readiness for the Xen platform," Rex said.

Open Source Summer Camp in Mediaplaza

Op Open Source Summer Camp in Mediaplaza zal ik een presentatie geven over "Locked in Open Source". De doelgroep richt zich op de Publieke sector. Inschrijving is gratis, dus de kans om contact te maken of te houden met Open Source.

Op 16 & 17 augustus organiseert Media Plaza op initiatief van het Ministerie van Economische Zaken en in samenwerking met de NLLGG en de NLUUG (Linux en Unix gebruikersgroepen), OSOSS, Holland Open, Stichting Livre en Source 21 een Open Source Summer Camp.
Komen dus!

GNOME to switch to Drupal?

GNOME (a rather good open source desktop manager which is far better than KDE IMHO) is considering changing the CMS for their site. They have their requirements online

This is a list of categorized requirements for the CMS system that will serve If you recommend a CMS check this list against its features.

They are currently evoluating
Midgard , eZ publish, Plone and ... Drupal. The page with Drupal's specs isnt correct on some things, so feel free to give them some feedback after reading this page.

Anyone up to mixing DruplIcon in the GNOME logo? :-)

You as a new CEO of SCO would use the following name...

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