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Few institutions can rival its scope or depth. Five IBM employees have won Nobel Prizes for, among other achievements, the discovery of electron tunneling and the invention of a microscope that captures images of individual atoms. Add to that seven National Medals of Technology, five National Medals of Science and four A.M. Turing Awards. In each of the last 10 years, IBM has received more patents than any other company or individual in the world.

Oooh, did I tell you that I happen to like IBM? 3 days of excellent articles at on IBM

IBM = cool

In the blue corner oposite of redmond we have the company that invents, the company with stamina, the company that reinvents itself, the company that is kinda cool, the company with a vision. I have got three letters for you...

Distributed Computing

This is by far the best article I read about distributed computing en grids, well written and with loads of illustrations.

You can define distributed computing many different ways. Various vendors have created and marketed distributed computing systems for years, and have developed numerous initiatives and architectures to permit distributed processing of data and objects across a network of connected systems.


Ooooh, If only //SCO had put options to buy. This because I knew for sure that //this was going to happen and I would have been able and willing to put some real money on puts on these loosers.

And the //winner is...?

sco declined to comment...

SCO was told by benz to .. wel basically //get lost.

DaimlerChrysler has responded robustly to SCO's Linux lawsuit. SCO
claimed Daimler had refused to provide it with a "certificate of
compliance" over its long-term Unix contract. Daimler response? Tough.

The car manufacturer asked a Michigan court to dismiss the
lawsuit because there was "no genuine issue of material fact" in it.
Daimler says it has no obligation to provide SCO with any such
certification, but that it had nevertheless sent it a letter about the

Good news, und viele Dankenach unser Ost-naber (or something like that)! The // is rather funny too. One can earn up to $433.18 as a bounty value (as of today), when one shows the SCO code in the kernel. Donations welcome! //[shit or get of the pot]

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