Windows to Linux roadmap of IBM

You're moving from Windows to Linux. You've decided you want the
stability, flexibility, and cost savings of Linux, but you have many
questions in your head. Isn't Linux like Unix? Isn't Unix hard? Where
do you begin to make sense of all of this? Is there a map you can

This roadmap is designed to help you take the experience
and knowledge that you already have in computing and redirect it to
working in Linux. It's not the only reference you'll ever need, but it
will help you get past some of your first obstacles and adjust to a new
and, I think, exciting approach to computing. As you follow this
roadmap, you'll discover many new resources to help you learn,
troubleshoot, and manage Linux.

Innovations, sometimes success begins at failure

Success and failure, two sides close together.

In the late 1980s, scientists for New York City-based drug-maker Pfizer began testing what was then known as compound UK-92,480 for the treatment of angina. Although UK-92,480 seemed promising in the lab and in animal tests, the compound showed little benefit in clinical trials in humans.

Grid computing

Grid computing vs P2P, corba and others...

Two major needs have dramatically increased the value of
the concept of grid computing in the last few years. A lean economy has
forced those with a limited IT budget to more fully utilize their
existing computing assets and to become more flexible to respond to
rapidly evolving markets by being able to intelligently allocate finite
resources to the appropriate business applications. In this first of a
series of articles, Matt Haynos provides a cursory analysis of the
similarities and differences between grid computing and such
distributed computing systems as P2P, CORBA, cluster computing, and DCE.

Alphaworks of IBM

IBM //Alphaworks. Extreem cool stuff from a cool company. You can read about and download programs regarding:

  • Autonomic Computing;
  • Collaboration;
  • Eclipse Technology;
  • Grid Computing;
  • Java Technology;
  • Privacy & Security;
  • Web Services;
  • Wireless;
  • XML.
Thank you IBM.

The end of all "Linux to the desktop article" articles

Linux will come to the desktop, eventually. Please do not try to force it. Like the IBM commercial says, "Linux is open....The Future is open." Linux can be whatever you want it to be. There is nothing stopping you from helping out with one of the Desktop Linux distributions or your favorite Desktop Environment/Utility. If you lack coding or technical skills, money is always appreciated(and for some, beer). ;-)

Linux to the desktop.

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