no mo cert

the //cert used to be a rather good source for security. with all kinds of full disclosure lists (such as the //bugtraq) the last couple of years, certs value has been devaluated rapidly. and with "tech articles" like //these, cert is giving in.

m$ is bad

Microsoft Corp said on Friday that its latest version of Office software inadvertently contained a font featuring two swastikas, and said it would offer tools to remove and replace the offending characters from the program.

The swastika (hakenkruis), which was made infamous by Nazi Germany, was included in Microsoft's "Bookshelf Symbol 7" font. That font was derived from a Japanese font set, said Microsoft Office product manager Simon Marks.

when your bad, your bad, see //y!

Microsoft Tetris 2003?

The father of Tetris works at Microsoft, says this TechTV article! Remember those days, Bee? I think it was before we ever took MS seriously. (Who needs Windows 2.x on an Amiga anyway? DOS? No man, TOS Rulez!)

i'm 371t3!

wanna know what your geeky score is? see this //test.

mind you, an elite geeky computer by microsoft standard. this IS a question in the test, "do you know how to open an attachment in a mail'. bonus points can be scored if you even know how to send an attachment. no comment...

why open source software

every time i give a presenation regarding oss (well, every time, happend three times so far :-) ) i take a look at the standard work: //why open source. it is very complete and updated on a regular basis. must read if you are into GNU

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