dont @buse the @ sign

It's not hip anymore, unless you work for a company that is still in the pre-dot-com-hype-cycle, but there used to be a time when putting an "@" (at) sign in a name or a brand would create this "e-internet feeling". corry even started the //dont abuse the at sign compaign somewhere in 2000.

During the rise of this @buse (atbuse?), a Dutch TV show for kids called z@ppelin started out. It's primary a TV show, but like any "multi-channel-format" thingy, they ought to have a website as well.

When they first aired their commercials with the URL in it, i felt sorry for all the kids. They url was and I know most RFC's by heart so I //knew at-signs are not allowed in hostnames or domainnames. So typing in this URL would lead the kid towards a friendly IE "page cannot be found". And even dad -who works as an IT consultant- couldnt solve it because they never teached him anything about open standards during his elite MCSE training of 4 days.

Or so I thought...

And then the commercial aired again. And again. And I started wondering, they are not that stupid at our national broadcast organisation. And then it hit me, the use the user:password@fullyqualifieddomainname trick; where the user is z, the password is empty which leads to user z @ host

So all usering logged in are the user "Z" and the domainname is! Neat I thought, cool trick! (See for your self by going to //

Years passed... And then... Microsoft f*cked up again, a huge //hole -big enough to drive a truck through- showed up in Internet Exploiter. One can misuse the user:password@fqdn in a bad way. Microso~1 promissed there won't be any hotfixes during the month December 2003. So they ignored this bug. And they ignored... up to the point that banks took down their online service because of the risk of URL spoofing

So micoshaft //wrote an entry in their kbase, asking endusers ... to stop clicking on the blue underline things (we like to call them "links") in the browser and type the full URL -including javascript!- in the browser. Well, that didnt do the trick Redmond!

Once their "usability is a mousepointer department" heared about this -days later- they decided there must be another way. Stop support of putting userid, password in a URL;

Microsoft will soon release a software update for IE that will end that browser's ability to accept Web URLs (Uniform Resource
Locators) that hide the address of the Web page being displayed using the "@" symbol. The update will remove a feature that
is being exploited in scams that use spoof Web sites to harvest personal information from unsuspecting Internet users, Microsoft
said in a note posted on its Web page Tuesday.

(source: //infoworld)

This will not only break the //HTTP standard (now that would be a primer) but also the hearts of thousends of young childeren trying to access And not seeing a cute site but a friendly IE "page cannot be found" error on a saterday morning. I can feel the pain..

Update: i forgot to say that zATppelin won an //Golden ATpenstaart :-)

and again, microsoft is cheap(er)

So MSFT wants to presents "just the fact" to us regarding linux and TCO

Microsoft Corp. is touting the results of "independent analyses" in its latest effort to show corporate decision-makers the merits of its Windows operating system vs. Linux, its biggest open-source competitor.


see "the //facts" at the site.

"Windows 2000 Versus Linux in Enterprise Computing: An Assessment of Business Value for Selected Workloads"
Jean Bozman, Al Gillen, Charles Kolodgy, Dan Kusnetzky, Randy Perry, and David Shiang
A study of total costs of ownership over five years for working corporate infrastructure shows that lower staffing expenses are a large part of an 11-22% cost advantage for Windows.
For file-server workloads in particular:

  • Staffing expenses were 33.5% better.
  • Training costs were 32.3% better.

pdftotext IDC20TCO20Paper.pdf
more IDC20TCO20Paper.txt | grep -i microsoft | grep -i spons
Sponsored by Microsoft Corporation

It seems that IDC has less cashflow then //forrester reasearch

Microsoft creator to be knighted

Microsoft creator to be knighted - Bill Gates is to receive an honorary knighthood from the Queen for his contribution to enterprise in the UK. [BBC/techno]

It is official, she is absolutely nuts. :(

sea vs shellthe cartoon (//full pic) from the great // shows one thing; this hole IP thing is getting ridiculous.

microsoft is at it usual tricks again, first fight an emerging technology if it isnt yours. in case you dont win, try to buy it, in case this is not allowed or for sale, embrase the technology, then let the technology become the dejeure standard, change the standard a bit by making it a better, change the technology by making it yours, and voila you have another new and improve m$ only standard.

now they try to do this to XML (as in // by a strange //patent.

The proposed patent would cover methods for an application other than
the original word processor to access data in the document. The U.S.
Patent Office had no record of a similar application.
they have done before. to: they tried to do it to java as well, for a //long time. and thats one they //lost!

i know someone in a-tech-board in charge who *really* think you can program in XML and that if your data is in XML you are compatible with the future. he is not reading my blog, nor any other page on the net I quess...

some browser related stuff

some browser related quickies:

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  • old netscape browsers downloadable from //sillydog;
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