Microsoft creator to be knighted

Microsoft creator to be knighted - Bill Gates is to receive an honorary knighthood from the Queen for his contribution to enterprise in the UK. [BBC/techno]

It is official, she is absolutely nuts. :(

sea vs shellthe cartoon (//full pic) from the great // shows one thing; this hole IP thing is getting ridiculous.

microsoft is at it usual tricks again, first fight an emerging technology if it isnt yours. in case you dont win, try to buy it, in case this is not allowed or for sale, embrase the technology, then let the technology become the dejeure standard, change the standard a bit by making it a better, change the technology by making it yours, and voila you have another new and improve m$ only standard.

now they try to do this to XML (as in // by a strange //patent.

The proposed patent would cover methods for an application other than
the original word processor to access data in the document. The U.S.
Patent Office had no record of a similar application.
they have done before. to: they tried to do it to java as well, for a //long time. and thats one they //lost!

i know someone in a-tech-board in charge who *really* think you can program in XML and that if your data is in XML you are compatible with the future. he is not reading my blog, nor any other page on the net I quess...

some browser related stuff

some browser related quickies:

  • a list of many many browser (yes, there is more than one, even two) at //evolt;
  • old netscape browsers downloadable from //sillydog;
  • some cool mozilla //banners;
  • a dutch site about mozilla, //mozbrowser;
  • and yet another dutch mozilla site, //promozilla.

Open $ource?

from de gjalt (//infoconomy), worth to post on willy:

"It's open source, Jim, but not as we know it....
This month's Information Age magazine discusses the state of the open source world in some detail and relates just how far things have come. Open source software, and especially Linux, seems to be everywhere now -- but, as the saying goes, it is definitely not open source as we know it.

While it is still possible to download the kernel code for free, most Linux suppliers now distribute the software with proprietary extensions and support agreements. Red Hat, one of the pioneers of open source computing, now charges $2000 a seat for its server software -- a move that has alienated many of its original open source allies.

Novell's promise this week to indemnify its paying customers against a legal challenge from SCO takes this a step further. Effectively, Novell is bundling in a form of legal insurance as part of the support contract -- a move that, indirectly, will only serve to push up prices still higher.
Some people are now beginning to argue that the cost of ownership of Linux is now higher than the all-proprietary, non-free Microsoft Windows. That may or may not be true -- but at least, with Microsoft, everyone knows where they stand."

Its Open $ource V.S. Micro$oft before you know it.

apache leads the way

apache rules//netcraft (blue) shows that apache rules the web. and in the //.nl 65% runs apache as well. even sco is //using it!

on related news, the encoding url bug (ie only) is out in the wild:

Customers of Barclays Bank
have received electronic mails that use url encoding and a widely
publicised bug in Internet Explorer to obscure the name of the taregt
fraud site. The use of url encoding seems to be an innovation for this
type of mail, albeit a predictable one.
Viewing the source code of the e-mail link will usually reveal the
hoax, showing the target URL is unrelated to the bank. In this case,
the e-mail link is encoded with hexadecimal numbers, with each encoded
character beginning with "%".
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