Drupal vs Moveable Type, head to head

Here we will compare software that enables one to maintaine a "blog". Without going into an accademic discusion what a blog/portal/cms is and can do, we will compare head to head two popular "blog" engines; drupal and moveable type.

We tried to make this comparison unbiased and since this book is written by both a drupal adept and a moveable type adept we think we succeded.

InstallEasyHard, some CLI interactions needed
OSWindows, *nix, Linux, BSD and others
WebserverApache and IIS
DatabaseMysql, Postgres, Sequal and others
additionalSome PHP settings required
LicenseGPLNon free, both private and commercial license

we safe a nickle on every xml transaction

use unix!btw: guys with beards are usually mainframe operators; not unix gods!

Dude, it looks like some kid ate a box of crayons and vomited on this screen!

an old review of windows xp. old yet still valid. he makes some excellent points regarding the user interface

This next point may seem to cross the line into obsessive, but I with
all the other eye candy going on (alpha blending fading menu shadows,
etc.) it's a fair point. If they can smooth the edges of your fonts,
why can't they smooth out the corners of the windows? Perhaps there are
good reasons for this - and I concede that this is getting to be a
little too nitpicky - but I still noticed it. (see //actsofvolition.)

note that i have winxp and i do like it, at least it is stable. but i dont use the default telly tubbie theme. *shiffre*

leaked screenshots from linux 3.2!!!

breaking news! leaked out screenshots of linux 3.2! wont be available for two years but the hype is starting already!!! available //here!!!!

weird news? yes! yet people *do* dig this kind of //news when it concerns microsoft's new longhorn?

The price of bashing gnu

what is the price of bashing gnu? forester found it out. they did some research sponsered by redmond and quess what? linux was more expensive than micro$oft.

Creating and maintaining a custom Web-based application with Java and Linux is almost 40% more expensive than using Microsoft Corp.'s software, according to a Microsoft-commissioned report from Forrester Research Inc

(see //computerworld)

So you think, nothing new? Yet another paid "independent" research showing prodct x is whiter than product y? Think again. forester changed its policy when finding out getting paid for crippled research doest pay off in the long run!

Forrester Research has changed its policy toward vendor-sponsored research following last month's publication of a controversial Microsoft-funded study that compared the cost of developing applications on Linux and Java to a Microsoft-based approach.

The policy change was announced in a letter written by George Colony, the CEO of the Cambridge, Massachusetts, company, and posted to the Forrester Web site late last week.

We will no longer accept paid for, publicized product comparisons," Colony said in an interview. "The best example of that would be the Microsoft report.

See //technewsworld.

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