On the difference of localization and Internationalization

See here why internationalisation is not the same as localisation. And hence translating some text doesn't work as Facebook is showing nearly every day.

The above screengrab from "important events" reads "register as a voter". I think that one doesn't have to register to vote in a democracy but others might differ. But in the Netherlands, one can't register to vote, this right is there for everyone above a certain age and being a Dutch citizen.

On the importance of kerning, de gilfactor


See for example these "10 flickering lights". Or do you read something else?

Or this "megaflicks"?

Yes, "kerning" is important!

Kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font, usually to achieve a visually pleasing result.

Just saw a great example n Dutch TV. There is a program called "de gil factor", the scream factor. But with the wrong kerning, it read "The Gilf actor".

And that from the deepest christian broadcaster EO

3d scan of my room using the kinect

I love all the stuff one can do with the Microsoft Kinect. Take for example, this scan of my bay window

(looks like a snow bawl due to the white parts outside)

And without color:

The kinect can be used for much more then just scanning. Scanning one's girlfriend for example :-)

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