Tilt / Time Shifted Video of Kids playing Minecraft

My kids just love minecraft.

Beatbox this on your LeapMotion

The other day I got my leapmotion, think of it as a kincect that can fit in your pocket for mac/pc, since "gesture is the new touch".

There are some 80 apps already in the very well designed appstore and with the JavaScript API, once can use it on websites as well.

Now all i need is an attitude and a rhyme to do:

Oldtimers, GoogleMaps and licenses plates

Google Streetview oldtimer with clear license plate

According to the streetview privacy policy, faces and for example license plates are blurred on streetmap.

Individuals and license plates are blurred
We have developed cutting-edge face and license plate blurring technology that is applied to all Street View images. This means that if one of our images contains an identifiable face (for example that of a passer-by on the sidewalk) or an identifiable license plate, our technology will automatically blur it out, meaning that the individual or the vehicle cannot be identified. If our detectors missed something, you can easily let us know.

But oldtimers with dark colored licenseplates in the Netherlands are not recognized by this Cutting Edge License Plate Technology[TM], as this snapshot from my village shows :-)

Grotere kaart weergeven


Macbook faster awake


If you care more about the fact that your MacBook (air) wakes up fast then that is saves battery while hybernated, you can put you mac into a lesser deep sleep.

Just type open a terminal and type:
sudo pmset -a standbydelay 43200
(followed by a prompt asking for your password)

For 12 hours long, you MB should wake up fast, after 12 hours of hybernation, your mac will go into a deeper sleep.

See osxdaily for the details:

Because the default setting is over an hour anyway, you won’t be able to tell the difference until after the default 70 minute period has lapsed, but when you wake the machine up it should now happen much faster because it’s waiting until the full 12 hour period to pass before going into deep sleep standby mode.

1M Drupal installs and counting! (11110100001001000000 initiative)

Target of 1M Drupal installs
Within 1 year (Q1/Q2 2014?) we will have 1 million registered Drupal installs. We all know the total is higher due to mostly Drupal SaaServices that don't have the pingback enabled and we should always explain that.

However, 1.000.000 is still a freaking big number (11110100001001000000 in base 2 even bigger :-) and we should use this for marketing our product. Apart from the usual suspects there are not that many web based solutions that come even close to one tenth. Big proprietary CMS vendors do very well if they sell 10.000 per year.

All the reason to celebrate, for example by making

  1. an easy to embed history infographic,
  2. an interactive timeline like trends or zeitgeist, plotting the number of installs against events in time and or place from the community
  3. press releases (they never seem to work though :-( )
  4. give the one millionth Drupal user something, for example a Drupal 1.0 install on a 5 ¼" floppy disk signed by Dries

For sourcing, we can use the influence, people and money of the DA (if they would be in on this), ask companies to work on this pro bono, preferably together and have a fund raiser; "One tenth for one"; 1/10 of a monetary unit of your country per Drupal install you maintain. A dime per install per American, 10 eurocents per Drupal for EU’s, 1/10th of a Rand in South Africa etc. This shows that we are truly global and if people do not donate 10 cents but 10 dollars per install for example (we should hint to that, especially to the cheap Dutch :-) we could raise a bit as well, more than 1/10th of a million if played well.

What are your thoughts, how should we proceed? Please follow up on BAM on g.d.o.

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