Presentation of ProjectPAAS held at DrupalJam 2013

The presentation of held at the DrupalJam.

A service that give a detailed opinionated report on how to improve the service of your Drupal website.

There is no box, do not try to think out of it :-)

Dont think outside of the box

There is no box. Do not try to think out of it...

Bert Boerland Bold

Just uploading ONE single image to a webservce and ending up with a 3D model of the person. No hair though..

SFO is a giant squid

Every now and then you hear some news about or see some pictures of "Giant Squids".

What about the San Fransico Airport?

Grotere kaart weergeven

Aart is the Dark Knight (aka Batman)

aart doet batman

Aart is Batman.

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