Using the Kinect as a security gesture 3D game device

An oldie, from DevCon20, Kinectasploit v2

Using a gesture based kinect interface to start two dozen security tools.

Source code at github:

"Complex, I know but that was the point ;-] to include many, many tools in a graphical, gesture-driven environment and have them
useful enough to hack into a system and retrieve a file from the windows VM's RECYCLE bin folders."

Presentation of ProjectPAAS held at DrupalJam 2013

The presentation of held at the DrupalJam.

A service that give a detailed opinionated report on how to improve the service of your Drupal website.

There is no box, do not try to think out of it :-)

Dont think outside of the box

There is no box. Do not try to think out of it...

Bert Boerland Bold

Just uploading ONE single image to a webservce and ending up with a 3D model of the person. No hair though..

SFO is a giant squid

Every now and then you hear some news about or see some pictures of "Giant Squids".

What about the San Fransico Airport?

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