Bluetrack, a cool racetrack

As a kid, I always wanted to have a racetrack. With loopings. As a dad, I stil do. But since I know that this toy will be hot for a day or two, and will be in the box the rest of the year, I am not too keen on buying it. For me.. Or the kids.

Then I saw this awesome product. One is no longer bound on the tracks the maker of the toy designed, but you can let the cars go from the stairs, make loopings and have a great design; yuor design

Here is a video showing of some of the posibilities of the Bluetrack product:

It is not a cheap product, 35 pound for 5 meters at amazon, for that much money you can buy 10 meters motorized as well. But that will end up in a box for the rest of the year.

iPhone robot

I love this Kickstarter project, an old one but start following the the Romo Smartphone Robot
Now see Romotive website. It gets more interesting when you see there is some kind of a make-community around the product. Buy on at the Romotive Store, bit pricey IMHO, 150 USD.

Barcode music

Barcode band from Kang woon Jin on Vimeo.

Aus die reihe, analog meets digital:

Korean designer ha lim lee, in collaboration with graphic designer yougduk kim and director woonjin kang, has developed 'barcode band' to create instrumentals through the use of programmed barcodes. the project uses a series of scanners to compose music by looping notes to produce melodies. each code corresponds to a specific instrument or set of instruments (included guitar, drums, and cymbals), pre-programmed at a specific beat or tone. by scanning different barcodes one after the other, users can compile together tracks, sampling music in a new way.

Gestures Kinect to the rescue for people with a handicap

As you might know, I like integrating stuff. Integrating analog and digital. Augmented Reality. Kinect and my computers. And here are dozens of oppertunities there. see for example the posting at dadhoc.omc

My mom has lived with aphasia ever since she suffered a serious stroke twelve years ago. In the meantime, there’s been a revolution in communication – powered by social media. Like a lot of people, I use the phone less. One of my areas of interest has been bridging the digital “keyboard gap” for people like my mom.

Gestures ftw.

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