Webapps ftw

Dorothy and the Tornado
I am, not the biggest fan of "Native Apps", e.g. applications that one has to install on you phone or tablet that are nothing more than a browser reading an RSS feed and displaying the results in a fancy way. Silos.

And ... without letting the user know, send lots of data of the tablet (location, contacts etc) to the mothership. Think about it, would you install "cnn.exe" on your windows host just to access one site? Would you download "microsoft.dmg" to see the website from the other side? Hell no, native apps must die, silos will fall down. I have been ranting about this for a long time, 2008, again and recent in my famous there is an app for that, it is called a browser post.

With progresive design being the standard and with modern mobile browsers honering the tags like VIDEO, a "HTML-Apps" will crush native apps. Not everybody shares that vision, but in broader sense it is clear that webapps will dominate above native apps in the mobile space; they are easy central to update and by definition cross platform.

As stated before, the browser is the OS.

If this is true, there is no reason to stop at a specific devices like a mobile. And indeed, Google docs replaced the office suite and as can be sen below, with pure HTML you can even do photobooth alike effects.
Yet another case for non native apps, see this camera website

And now garageband is having a hard time with a browser based -less UI more interaction with friend- tool called jamwithchrome.
Jam with chrome.

One day, the browser will be the OS and we will all have big fat thin clients again with a mixture of local data and apps and remote data and apps. Al I wish for is that -despite the fact that I wish every company as much sicess as they can get- Google will not be the new Microsoft and Chrome not the new IE.

Extract a video from an Apple Keynote file

Lego Jobs

The other day, I wanted to extract a video from a Keynote presentation. I have made the video and the keynote file myself, but threw away the screencast that I have put in the keynote file. It is easy to get a picture form a keynote file, control c and controlv are your friend. But you can not copy a video this way.

The solution, easy to do, complicated to find out. You do know that most mac files are in fact "bundles", directories with data and meta data in it? And it is just OSX that is showing you a fancy icon instead of the content? The same is true with keynote files. Complex to find out.

Easy to do:

  1. Find the keynote files "something.key" in your finder
  2. Rename the file from "something.key" to "something.zip"
  3. Right click the something.zip file and extract it, it should make a directory "something"
  4. Doubleclik the directory to find the video file you are looking for, copy it elsewhere
  5. Go one directory higher, delete the folder, rename something.zip to something.key

Oohh apple, why make it so hard?

Steve Jobs Lost Interview 1990 - A must watch for any entreprenuer

Steve Jobs Lost Interview 1990 - A must watch for any entreprenuer. And since everyone should be an entrepeneur, for everyone :-)

Steve Jobs is a perfect icon for the the modern entrepreneur. A orphan from middle class America living in Silicon Valley becomes a global icon.

3D scan of my head and realtime tracking and rendering using a kinect

Scanned my head with kinect

I used the kinect to scan my head and made some real time tracking and rendering as can be seen in the videos below.

setting up Kinect:

3D scan of my head:

Tracking / rendering using my head:

Animated gif of the year: bert boerland

I have taken an photo via the everyday app .. everyday for the last year. And here is the result:

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