A great video with Kinect , ni-mate and blender

A great arty video using Kinect and raytracing

Kinect Project /// I Dieci from Alkanoids on Vimeo.

It is using the opensource Kinect drivers I have been using, ni-mate (a Kinect to 3d rending engine) and the engine blender.

More information including a "making of" onbehance.com

Great art of Willy Verginer

Great art. Just great. See this work of Willy Verginer over at formfiftyfive

Willy's own site is showing of some great work of him as well, see verginer.com

Pong access.log with logstalgia

Let your webservers accesslog be the source of a game of pong :-)

If you are a brew OSX user, a oneliner to install :-)

see logstalgia

Dear Google, please read my useragent

Dear Gmail, read my useragent

Everytime you surf towards a website, you send a lot of information about you towards that site. Your IP address and the browser you are using for example with the user agent string. Smart banners -independent of behavioral targeting with tracking cookies- is possible with this. But please google, when I visit gmail in a chrome browser, do not ask me to download chrome. And when I use a Mac, dont ask to me to use the MSI format for that.

Want to know what information you send and how unique you are for a website without using cookies? Visit eff's fingerprinting site.

Prediction for Drupal in 2013

Champagne Cork

Ever since node 4877 in 2003 we have a “prediction” post up on drupal.org where Drupal coder and users can share their vision on what will happen the year ahead with their beloved tool. Ever? Well, we skipped last year on drupal.org. so we can not look back to the predictions you made last year on this site.

But that should not stop you to make new some new predictions. And you welcome to do so in the comments on the posting on d.o.

Will parts of Drupal end up in another CMS or framework? Will “WSCCI first” be the slogan? Or will the consolidation in the CMS landscape and the trend to leave our small island make new bridges towards other PHP projects or even make a new Pangaea, beyond PHP and the web? Will Drupal be the answer in Jeopardy on the question “what is the best CMS?”. Time will tell. Or you.. In the comments on the prediction 2013 posting.

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