Barcode music

Barcode band from Kang woon Jin on Vimeo.

Aus die reihe, analog meets digital:

Korean designer ha lim lee, in collaboration with graphic designer yougduk kim and director woonjin kang, has developed 'barcode band' to create instrumentals through the use of programmed barcodes. the project uses a series of scanners to compose music by looping notes to produce melodies. each code corresponds to a specific instrument or set of instruments (included guitar, drums, and cymbals), pre-programmed at a specific beat or tone. by scanning different barcodes one after the other, users can compile together tracks, sampling music in a new way.

Gestures Kinect to the rescue for people with a handicap

As you might know, I like integrating stuff. Integrating analog and digital. Augmented Reality. Kinect and my computers. And here are dozens of oppertunities there. see for example the posting at dadhoc.omc

My mom has lived with aphasia ever since she suffered a serious stroke twelve years ago. In the meantime, there’s been a revolution in communication – powered by social media. Like a lot of people, I use the phone less. One of my areas of interest has been bridging the digital “keyboard gap” for people like my mom.

Gestures ftw.

Lego Batman 2 XBOX crash help

Batman ( Lego )I recently bought an Xbox game for my kids, Lego batman 2. They LOVE it. Really LOVE it. Fine. It is just that the game has some serioud flaws. Flaws that are widly documented on the net. And that this hurts imho the brads Lego and WB Games. caus it is not like I am the only one suffering from this problem: as 2.5 M results show.

The maker knows about that the game freezes during many cut scenes, though says it happens "occascially".

See this message

Occasionally, a crash occurs while Batman and Robin are hopping into a car. The rain and ambient noises continue like the game is loading but the game freezes.
If this occurs, try the following:
· Pause the game and click Extras. In Extras there will be an option to enter a code. Enter the code ‘n0cut5’ and resume play. Doing so will allow you to skip the cutscene and continue progress.

It lists a number of other "solutions". Dont bother. Just use the "no cutscene. Despite it's name you still see the movies, but can skim them, do so in level in 9 and 12:-(

Fresh Likes.. My famous 15 minutes

me hitting it big time on facebook :-)

There must have been a glitch in the matrix. Yesterday I did a tweet that got autosend to Facebook. Somehow with a couple of hours, I got 12.000 likes and 130.000 comments on it. The picture up was one I took when the likes-storm just begun. The post it self is now WSOD for me but maybe it will work in die time, http://www.facebook.com/bertboerland/posts/2231777543
. Weird to see.

But then, think about a CMS that can handle 130k comments on on single post. And then that there are zillions of post per second. Wordpress anyone? ;-)

Video maping on a person using the Kinect

Video mapping a human face is not entirely new—we’ve seen Zach Lieberman and friends do it using a Kinect and an LED projector in the video for BELL’s “Chase No Face.” But this video ups the game a little and completely immerses the actor in the projected visuals, covering the whole head and upper body so he becomes a human chameleon. Turn him into a cyberman, a bearded metaller, even a human Google map, making it a great tool for Halloween, if you had the spare cash—and you sat still, in a room, while people stared at you.

See thecreatorsproject.

A bit out of my league, but still. Cool to see the use of the Kinect this way.

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