Druplicon rules Rotterdam (and the Rest of the World :-)

As an update to a recent post on this site about a huge Druplicon animation and in regard to this issue:

It has happened! A nearly 100 meters high Druplicon watched over Rotterdam to celebrate the launch of D7. The video is out on youtube

See the D7RA.org site! If you have pictures or footage of the Druplicon on the KPN building, be sure to tag them with "D7RA" (Drupal 7 Release Animation).

Thanks SqyD, thanks KPN and thanks VDMi for making the video.

Now lets party!

Nearly 10 years of Drupal

Could someone please find one or two critical bugs in Drupal 7? Please?

Download, test, and file an issue. So that we can postpone the suggested release date of Drupal 7 from 5 Jan 2011 to 15 jan 2011.

Ten years of rocking software. Ten years. I have been there all the time and Drupal grew faster, higher, bigger then any person in the community could ever grow.

And for those not knowing their history, Drupal is older the drupal.org:

pimsbb2@newborn:~$ whois drop.org | grep -i created
Created On:28-Apr-2000 18:14:06 UTC
pimsbb2@newborn:~$ whois drupal.org | grep -i created
Created On:26-Apr-2001 11:42:11 UTC
pimsbb2@newborn:~$ whois drupal.com | grep -i created
Record created on 06-Mar-2006.

Banner for Drupal 7, a personal appeal from the founder of Drupal Dries Buytaert

With the release date of Drupal 7 known, it is time to start the marketing campaign at full force. There is a master ticket -that should be the last critical- on making as much noise as possible to all target audiences. Please add your ideas there and work on them in a separate issue.

So far it has lead to a couple of extreme cool ideas that will become reality. For example, a 100 meter high animation on a skyscraper in Rotterdam. Note that for a short periode of time, your animation is still welcome! See the issue and previous blog entry. Another extreem cool idea realised By Baris and Roy is the drupal7releaseparty.org websites with dozens of parties around the world.

But we need more. Pressreleases, translations, videos.. And for example a banner like the one above (flickr) hinting at the appeal of Wikipedia. With a link towards a text like wikipedia's but then why (according to Dries who should okay this) people should download / upgrade Drupal 7. Please help in the issue queue at 1005178 and with Dries’ permission we can run this banner on 1.5% of all the websites in the world. But why stop there? :-)

update: be sure to read Write the Drupal 7 release announcement as well

Call for animators, design an animation to be displayed on a 100 m tall KPN building for the Drupal 7 release

When the new version of Drupal (7) will be released, we need as much publicity as we can get to make sure people know about Drupal as the alternative for their proprietary software. While there is no "go to market" plan for D7, everybody should dive in and organise local parties or start implementing other wild ideas.

(video link for RSS readers)

One of these ideas is to have an animation run for a couple of hours on a nearly 100 meters tall building, the KPN (leading telco / hoster/ ISP in the Netherlands) building. More information on the building on scyscraperpage.com.

Paul from KPN convinced people in his Fortune 500 enterprise to use the lights on the building for at least 4 hours long for a Drupal animation to celebrate the launch of D7. Thanks KPN! Thanks Paul!

Imagine a Druplicon dancing on a 100 meters tall building, watched by 100.000's of people!

So what do we need to get this happening? We need an animation. Mentioning the release of Drupal 7, the URL drupal.org and anything you can come up with within the limitations.

What are the limitations?

  • It is a monchrome bitmap, the lights self are green. It will be displayed in the evening when it is dark.
  • Each cell in the animation should be 22 pixels wide, 41 pixels high
  • The animation is 46 frames

So we need one BMP file with the dimension of 41 high by 1012 wide in monochrome. Can you help make this and license your work under a CC license?

If you can help the Dutch by displaying a huge animation in the most modern city in the Netherlands promoting Drupal, please attach your work in this issue. This would rock! Let's make it happen; Drupal 7 release at large!

DOPCAST episode 1, "rate this module"

3 maart 2010, Sociëteit KBO

This is the first "DopCast" (a podcast with a twist) I made for DOP, a screencast on how to use and configure the rate module.

Rate has been called "the cck model for voting with drupal" and while it is far away from anything like CCK, it is a flexible way of enabling rating for users on content. It features many options:

  1. Thumbs up
  2. Thumbs up / down
  3. Fivestar
  4. Emotion (this makes me mad, angry...)
  5. Yes / no and
  6. Custom

Like Vote up/Down and Fivestar it uses Voting API for stroring data, so one can use for example Views to display the results. But unlike these other fine alternatives, Rate has been designed with more flexibility in mind.

Using VoteUp/Down or Fivestar might still be the best choice for your use-case, but you should at least checkout Rate. One can see the vodcast at youtube (be sure to select 720p).

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