Wikipedia, Youtube, reliability and Willy

Do you think that Wikipedia is reliable? You dont and you shouldnt. Just like any other medium, Wikipedia isnt reliable per se. But it is often "good enough" and if it is not, you can maker it better yourself. And someone did in the YouTube entry on wikipedia:

Before being bought by Google, YouTube stated that its business model is advertising-based and was making 15 million dollars per month as such. Some industry commentators have speculated that YouTube's running costs — specifically the bandwidth required — may be as high as 5 to 6 million USD per month,[33] thereby fueling criticisms that the company, like many Internet start-ups, did not have a viably implemented business model.

And guess where note [33] is going? Indeed, to the quality posting of friend Mikew; youtube bandwidth usage 25 petabytes per month.

Strange to see. But I know for sure that Mike Wessling is of of the coolest people in the industry, good one MikeW!